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Dear Mr Benjamin Goffette First of all, we would like to thank you very much for your email, we are very happy to hear that you have planned Viet Nam in coming day. And following is your information: 1. When you would like to take The Ha Noi – Ha Long bay trip, the most convenience way is “ join with the group from Ha Noi “. We have The Ha Noi- Ha Long trip 2 days or 3 days . If you want to stay in Cat Ba Island you can take The trip 3 days, you will have 1 night in Cat Ba Island, 1 night on cruise. We also attached here the program and the price as well. You can see for more info.( Please be note that the price depend on how the boat is. We have some cheaper one, pls let us know if you need more info ) 2. From Ha Noi you can take the night train to Hue. Should you check and book as soon as possible, because this moment is high season in Viet Nam. All the local people who work in big city like Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh city are preparing to go home for Tet holiday – big local vacation that makes transportation very busy and much more expensive than normal day. The busy time is from 10th Jan until the end of Feb. Please give me your date we can help to check the ticket and price also. In the case so busy, the best way is flight. At this time, the sleeping train cost is nearly as expensive as the flight ticket, but train takes you about 18hours from Ha Noi to Hue while it is only 1hour by flight. 3. For Cambodia visa : when you go to Cambodia by bus from Ho Chi Minh city, You can get the visa at the border; need you pay 25 usd for that at the border also. Please give us detail of your plan; we can help arrange you in the best way, of cause cheap price for you. We have Hotel booking service as well, please tell us if you need any support. For further information, please feel free to contact us at any time, Once again, thank you very much for your email and hope you will have a great time in Viet Nam. Many thanks and regards Vu Tina Ms

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Hello My name is Benjamin Goffette. I write you about my trip to Vietnam with my girlfriend. One of my brother's friend told me that you can help us for some advies. So, I have some questions for you: - from Hanoi, we want to make a trip to Halong Bay. We planned to go to Cat Bah Island for this because I have seen that there are many "cruises" who start from this island. But we don't book anything yet. Do you have tips for Cat Bah Island? Or do you have other solutions for making a cheap trip to Halong Bay (2-3 days)? - after Halong Bay, we want to go to Hué. So we planned to go back to Hanoi to take a night train. Do we have to book for those trains? Or can we take our tickets the day we leave? - from Saigon (Ho Chi Min City), we want to go to Phnom Penh by bus. Can we take our Cambodia visa at the border or not? I already thank you for your answers. Best regards

Nguyễn Anh.08:32 - 25 -12 -2012

Đi du lịch thật vui

Nguyễn Văn Thái(Quận 9).10:23 - 17 -10 -2012

Tôi đã sử dụng sản phẩm của công ty, tôi thấy sản phẩm ơ đây rất đẹp và giá lại rẽ


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